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Bowhunting timeline

1934 Wisconsin opens the first US bowhunting season

1945 Yugoslavian republic Serbia regulates hunting with bow and arrow.

1967 Denmark issues personal permits to bowhunters

1977 Italy make hunting with bow legal.

1986 Portugal legalizes hunting with bow and arrow

1989 Zimbabwe made it possible to hunt with bow and arrow on special permit

1992 Lithuania legalises all hunting with bow and arrow

1992 Italy revamps the federal hunting law and includes hunting bow and arrow

1993 Finland formalises a long period of unregulated bowhunting

1993 Hungary legalises all hunting with bow and arrow.

1995 France regulates hunting with bow and arrow

1995 Botswana legalises bowhunting for plains game

1997 Spain makes hunting with bow and arrow possible

1998 Namibia legalises bowhunting for plains game

1999 Zimbabwe changes the regulation for bowhunting

1999 Denmark regulates bowhunting for roe deer and lesser game

2001 Finland changes the regulation so roe deer and beaver can be hunted with bow and arrow

2003 France restructures the regulations for bowhunting allowing shorter bows and release aid.

2005 Tanzania legalises hunting with bow and arrow

2005 Denmark makes the formal change in the law to legalise Bowhunting

2006 Aland legalises hunting with bow

  1. South Africa makes new regulation for hunting with bow and arrow

2008 France eases regulations for foreign bowhunters as well as young bowhunters

2009 Bulgaria legalizes all hunting with bow and arrow

2009 Slovakia legalizes Bowhunting in enclosures in April

2011 France changes regulations, allow expandable hunting points remove minimum length on bows and minimum arrow weight

2011 Spain, under very strict agreements with Madrid Hunting Federation, and by the first time in Europe, “Urban bowhunting” is required by Madrid´s Environmental Agency, and also is applied, by the first time in Europe, in a National Park

2012 Greenland regulates bowhunting on muskoxen

2013 Greenland regulates bowhunting on reindeer

2013 Estonia legalizes bowhunting for small game up to and including the beaver

2013 Bowhunting officially legalized in Turkey

2014 New law in Belarus includes bowhunting as a legal hunting method for all hunted species

2016 Belgium, the Wallon part accepts the use of bow and arrow as a hunting tool through a legal


2017 Serbia Bowhunting is now legal

2017 Finland re-regulate bow hunting and now include all hoofed game with exception of moose.

2018 Denmark change regulations possible to hunt red, fallow and sika deer as of 1st September.



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