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New instructors within the iBEP system in Europe

New instructors within the IBEP system in Europe

A seminar held during the weekend October 15-16 involved participants from
Lithuania and Slovakia that took the final part to become instructors in the
IBEP program. They have now the right to teach students in their respective nations.





Seminar with the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment

A second seminar/meeting was with the  Ministry of Environment,Vice Minister Dr Aleksandras Spruogis was present, Laimutis Budrys, Director of Nature Protection was present together with aides as well as the president
Mantas Balsys of the Lithuanian Archery Association.
This initiate an effort to make it possible to hunt with bow and arrow in Lithuania.A change in the current regulation is needed, the meeting was held in a good atmosphere and discussions involved EU´s habitat directive, the charter on hunting and biodiversity and a roadmap for a future change in the regulations.

General seminar on hunting with bow and arrow in Lithuania
A general meeting and seminar was conducted in the  beautiful hunting area of Sirvintos the manager Valdas Radionovas was most hospitable and a good discussion took place relating to the use of bow and arrow as a future hunting tool in Lithuania.

Participants counted among others representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Influential individuals from the  Lithuanian
hunting association as well as representatives of the Latvian Bowhunting Association.


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